The Digital Cut







 We help small businesses
“elevate their game” of doing business in the digital world.

Our Approach: Always Pioneer

Our aim is to help elevate small businesses whose owner/operators are carefully building their careers, businesses, and wealth. And our team is united by an entrepreneurial drive to pioneer or innovate. We understand the importance of digital innovation and what it can do to impact your business growth.

We apply essential design insights extracted from first principles and innovative development resources from the rapidly-changing digital technology ecosystem. Our website design and innovative technology solutions ensure a pleasant user experience with attractive design and a positive digital presence.

Whether our challenge is to design a well-crafted and mobile-optimized business website, the transformation of your existing website, or incorporate e-commerce into your business, we elevate your business by creating an appealing website to meet your customer needs and business expectations.

Our Team

At The Digital Cut, we believe strongly in craftsmanship. Every profession demands a large number of skills, experience, and compelling motivation.

Team / Shawn Heath

Digital Project Manager